*NEW & IMPROVED* D Curl - 5D Premade WYSPY Fans

*NEW & IMPROVED* D Curl - 5D Premade WYSPY Fans

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What's new about this version of our 5D premade lashes?

  • darker throughout the entire body, making your sets look even darker & fuller
  • curvature slightly different than original (D is slightly curlier)
  • Better fibers, more porous for even better hold & retention
  • Easier to pick up from tape as bases are held even stronger


A 5D premade fan created into a shape of a W (wide fan = wispier look), made of .07 high quality PBT fibers. They are soft, lightweight and dark black in color.

Comes in 16 rows with approximately 1,360 fans per tray.

Pick up a little higher from the middle of the lashes where it is connected to keep it from separating.

Use thicker tweezers, such as a slim L boot for example. Slide your tweezers in when picking up, don't pick up from the tip of the tweezers. Grip & pull towards your chest, not ceiling.

Can create dense or wispy/strip lash look sets depending on the clients lash line and artists application technique. 

Long stem attachment for long-lasting retention! Apply on top or underneath natural lash like a classic lash. However, I do find that applying it underneath provides a better hold due to it hooking onto the natural lash.


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