Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store
Clear Adhesive - The Lash Store

Clear Adhesive

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*Watch video to see how to burp your adhesive and keep it clean & fresh for longer

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Size: 5ml
Color of glue: Clear
Drying time: 1-3 seconds depending on temperature & humidity (Higher the humidity, the faster it will cure. If you need your humidifier on, make sure it is at least 3ft away, and moisture/vapour is not directed towards your adhesive & client.) 

  • Ethyl Cyanoacrylate: Gives the strongest, most elastic bond. Once it's cured, it is temperature, humidity & oil resistant.
  • PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate): Thickens the glue, adds more strength & elasticity.

Optimal humidity: 45-60%
Recommended temperature: 20-24°C
Viscosity: Medium
Low Fumes
Includes glue pin (insert pin through the nozzle to open)
Shake bottle side to side


Unopened, store in a dry, dark, cool place. 
Openedstore in air tight sealed container with brand new silica packet in a dry, dark, cool place. Keep away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. Wipe & clean nozzle with lint-free adhesive wipes or wax paper! DO NOT USE ANY ALCOHOL/ALCOHOL WIPES or WATER to clean nozzle. This will spoil the adhesive.

Unopened Shelf Life: 6 months

You may stock up to 5 bottles of adhesive at a time.

Change new bottle of adhesive every 4-5 weeks.

Tips to maximize retention:

  • Clients lashes must be thoroughly cleansed with a lash extension cleanser & rinsed MINUTES before application
  • Dispense new glue drop every 15-20 mins or as necessary. Must be a dome shape & not too small of a drop (2-3 drops of adhesive onto one drop). You may use other adhesive accessories to keep it fresh also, such a blossom cup.
  • Collect adhesive from the center of the drop without touching the bottom
  • Shake for a few seconds side to side before every drop. An adhesive shaker is also a good recommendation to ensure it is thoroughly mixed
  • Use enough adhesive
  • Make sure at least 2mm from the base of the extension is in contact with the natural lash (the more surface area attachment, the better)
  • To help speed up dry time of adhesive, pair it with our Green Tea Protein Remover. They are a match made in heaven! See product for more details.

 With proper application by the lash artist and aftercare of the client, expected retention is up to 8 weeks.


Glue drying too slow?

  • Use a humidifier. Make sure to have it at least 3ft away & the moisture not going directly into your working area (adhesive & client), as this will cause shock polymerization
  • Apply Green Tea Protein Remover/Accelerator on just the base of your lash strips. This will allow you to put enough glue & help speed up the dry time of adhesive. Make sure you always isolate first, dip in adhesive, then place on lash

 Glue drying too fast?

  • Have your a/c or a fan running in your room, at least 3ft away to decrease the humidity levels in your area


New batches of adhesive are produced weekly to ensure the freshness of your adhesive.


What other customers and clients are saying:

"Game changer"

"I'm obsessed with the glue!"

"My lashes still look so full at 3-4 weeks!"

"It's so easy to work with!"

"I love this glue so much!"

 "best retention I ever had!"

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